Immediate Load Implants

Immediate load Basal implants are the biggest revolution in dentistry .These implants take support from the basal cortical bone .
Basal bone are resistant to infection and resorption ..This bone is highly mineralized and never resorbs .
Basal implants are single piece implants , hence they have no separate screws inside , so the problem of screw fracture or screw loosening is absent with basal implants ..
The term Immediate loading means : Crown can be fixed immediately after implant placement . There is no waiting periods of 6 to 8 months like Convenctional implants ..
Basal Implants are smooth surface implants … The surface of the implant body will be very smooth and hence the risk of peri-implantitis is very very rare ..
These implants are very safe for diabetics patients and chronic smokers , because of its smooth surface and the success rate is high .
How are the implants placed ?
The implants are placed by flapless method – key hole technique .. There is no need of flap elevation with basal implants and the fear of big surgical procedure is eliminated completely .
Unlike Convenctional Implants , basal implants can be placed immediately after extraction of teeth and crown can be fixed within 2 days .
Basal implants can be successfully placed in severe resorption bone conditions .
Basal implants utilize the available bone ( cortical bone ) and therefore avoids major surgical procedures like bone grafting and sinus lifting procedures …

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