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BOI Implants- the most advanced system within the group of Basal Implants

Date :14-Aug-2018

Nowadays dental implants have become one of the most established dental treatment modalities for the rehabilitation of lost teeth and their function. Dentists offer different treatment plans and the patients can decide between the options available and suitable for them. Most treatment providers provide a full overview of the treatment possibilities currently available for the patients to get the desired treatment today. In general, the dental implants protocol includes several steps and a long waiting (healing) time. The patients have to wait for some time before the prosthesis is fabricated and inserted.

Rationale for using Basal Implants
There is an alternative to conventional implantology available now and it is widely accepted as a treatment modality in the field of dental implantology i.e. ‘BASAL IMPLANTOLOGY’. Also known as Cortical Implantology, the term was generated under the aspect that basal implants utilize the basal – cortical portion of the jaw bones and create multi-cortical anchorage for load transmission.
The teeth are situated in less dense bone portions of the jaw bones called the alveolar bone (also known as the crestal bone of the jaw). Once the teeth are lost this less dense alveolar bone gradually starts getting resorbed and recedes. The bone which eventually remains after the alveolar bone regression following loss of teeth is the basal bone which lies beneath the alveolar bone. The basal bone is highly dense, corticalized, less prone to bone resorption and infections. They offer excellent support to implants and the load bearing capacity of the basal bone is also many times higher than that offered by the spongy crestal bone.


What are BOI implants?

BOI (Basal Osseointegrated Implant) implants are the most sophisticated system within the group of Basal Implants. The patients get their permanent fixed teeth immediately in 3 days as these implants are well designed for immediate loading. BOI Disc Implants (also known as lateral implants or immediate loading implants) have gained immense popularity as a dental implant treatment and have a high success rate. The method is exceptionally well developed, because it was refined over a period of decades exclusively by practitioners.
Advantages of having BOI Implants:

Most advanced implant system -The single piece, immediate loading basal implants are the most advanced dental implants available today which helps in eliminating a lot of problems associated with conventional dental implant treatment procedure.

Immediate – Loading & Functioning – BOI implants are well designed for immediate loading and quick fixation of teeth.

Avoidance of Bone Grafting & Augmentation Procedures during implant placement – unless actually needed for aesthetic reasons. Procedures which are meant to create more bone bulk for proper implant placement such as ridge split procedures, sinus lifts, inferior alveolar nerve trans-positioning etc., can be avoided to a large extent. This also helps in significantly shortening the total treatment time for the patient. The basic advantage of BOI implants is there exceptional design to employ the available bone. Very much unlike the conventional implants where the bone needs to be modified to suit the implants, some of these implants can also be bent / modified to match the available bone.

Bone deficiency situations – BOI implants work exceptionally well in situations where there is severe deficiency in bone as they are uniquely designed to take support from the available bone in addition to helping preserve this bone.

Time & Cost savings – These implants are very advantageous to the patient because the total costs and time taken for the full dental implant procedure is reduced a great deal.

High success rate in patients with diabetes and smokers – the BOI implants help reduce bacterial proliferation around the implant abutment portions thus making them highly successful in smokers, diabetics and patients with gum disease.
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Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Center in Chennai, is a leading centre for dental implants and Artificial tooth India providing both adult and paediatric dental treatments and cosmetic rehabilitations. The clinic’s implantology section collaborates internationally to provide world’s best dental implants with the greatest long term success for patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments and fixing teeth in Tamil Nadu. The implant clinic has to its credit the maximum number of successes in BOI implants in Chennai using the latest implant techniques. Dr.C.Murugavel, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and an Advanced Basal Implantologist & Laser Specialist based in Chennai as well as the founder of Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic has trained extensively in BOI Implants and has successfully placed more than 4000 implants in his practice. Chinthamani implant center makes sure that you get the best results of this procedure. So, schedule an appointment right away.

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