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Dental Implants: Bane Or Boon?

Date :18-Nov-2018

A graceful smile is part of your identity. A healthy set of teeth is the attribute of an attractive and charming smile. Sadly, not everyone has teeth that are healthy. Lack of proper oral hygiene and the intake of excess amount of junk food like candies, toffees etc has an adverse effect on the overall oral health. Such a lifestyle could cause dental problems like cavities, tooth decays, bleeding of gums and various other issues as well. This could lead to situations where you will have to go for tooth replacement procedures as well. Speaking of which, the dental implants are one of the most p

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Magic of ALL – ON – 4 Dental Implants

Date :27-Feb-2018

The mechanism of All on 4 Dental Implants is extensive impressive in medical science because of the full arch of tooth set prosthesis and fixed on mere 4 implants only where 4 implants place on the upper side jaw and rest of 4 implants on the lower side jaw. Here, the entire set of tooth adjoined and interconnected with each other in a form of a frame that gets fixed with special nut bolts. The twelve sets of teeth angled on the upper side and the twelve set on the lower side. Best treatment of ALL – ON – 4 Dental Implants at Chennai:- Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implan

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Basal Implants

Date :21-Dec-2017

A smile is worth a million words. When decayed or broken tooth force you to veil that beauty, realise that it’s time to pay a visit to your dental consultant. For patients who have severely damaged or missing teeth, full mouth rehabilitation would be an ideal option. Scope Of Full Mouth Rehabilitation Replacing missing tooth  Replacing broken, decayed tooth  In case of TMJ disorders Improving appearance Improving dental health Full Mouth Rehabilitation Technique Involves 8 implants in upper jaw and 6 implants in the lower jaw – for patients with strong bone st

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Advantages Of Basal Implants

Date :23-Aug-2016

One of the biggest revolutions made in the history of dentistry is basal implants. These are used to fix the teeth without conducting bone grafting or bone augmentation. The aim of these implants is to restore the teeth even in the worst cases. Due to their unique structure and size, basal implants can restore the actual teeth structure even if there are no teeth.There are basically two types of basal implants- one is the Basal osseointegrated implants and the other is the basal cortical implant. Both the implants are placed using local anaesthesia and key-hole technique, and once the implant

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Laser Treatment For gum Diseases

Date :19-Jul-2016

Oral health is a window to your overall health. Problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body.  So it’s important to take care of your teeth and gums. Gum disease may contribute to the development of heart diseases. Laser treatment is the best way to treat gum diseases. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic provides a complete solution for all your dental problems.  Gum disease is an inflammation or infection of the gum that spreads on to the bone that surrounds the teeth. Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It is usually affected on adults who are in their m

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation in India

Date :23-Jun-2016

Restore Your Smile With Dental ImplantsDo you have multiple dental issues? Do you have broken teeth? Don’t worry. Full mouth rehabilitation is the complete solution for all your dental issues. It helps you to get a fresh look and build your confidence. Full mouth rehabilitation is the process of reconstructing or rebuilding of all your teeth to get a new look and to correct all the teeth deformities. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic is one of the best dental implant center in India, offering a full mouth rehabilitation with an affordable price. Objectives Restore impaired occlusal fun

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