About us

Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Centre has a team of dedicated people working for you. We work together to speed up and facilitate services, multitasking where necessary. In addition, our specialists include Orthodontists, Endodontists, Maxillo Facial Surgeon, Prosthodontists, Paediatric Dentists and in-house dental laboratory technicians. All these disciplines together under one roof results in outstanding dentistry.

Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Centre has a dedicated group of professionals who treat the patients with utmost care and concern. We work collectively to provide the best service, where we even do multi tasking whenever necessary. We have highly skilled professionals from different streams of dentistry including Orthodontics, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Maxillofacial surgery, Paediatric Dentistry etc. Our goal is to provide the best service in every discipline under one roof.