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Advantages of the Immediate Load Basal Dental Implants

Conventional dental treatment methodologies involved long periods of waiting before and after surgery with treatments spanning anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Immediate loading basal implants allow fixation of prostheses in just 72 hours of implant surgery. Interim denture and other provisionals are eliminated thus avoiding a second surgery to expose the implant to fix the abutment over it.

There are several advantages to the immediate load dental implant:

  • It is cost-effective : It saves the patient repeated visits to the dental center.
  • Saves a lot of time : Waiting times are minimized and fixtures placed in just 72 hours.
  • Works on the principles of single piece implantology where the abutment and implant are both in one piece: Implant failure is drastically reduced as against conventional two or three-piece implants.
  • It provides basal/cortical bone support: The deeply rooted implant mimics the natural tooth root and is deeply embedded in to the jaw bone engaging the basal cortical bone. Conventional implants derive their support from the crestal bone which offers less stability.
  • The procedural approach is minimally invasive through key-hole implantology: Surgery is flapless involving less cutting of the bone and screw-type implants are placed in a minimally invasive fashion. These self-tapping implants condense the bone during insertion. Some of the advantages of the surgery remain fast healing and less postoperative oedema. Surgical risks and complications are negligible. Almost any kind of unfavourable bone situation can be treated. Existing, available bone can be used to avoid any additional bone augmentation procedures. Basal implants are selected to adapt to a patient’s existing bone quantity and quality.
  • Failure rates are extremely low and patient experiences no incidence of peri-implantitis: With basal implants 60% less bone is displaced as compared to conventional implants. There is no impact on bone perfusion and integrity thus minimizing post-operative swelling. Basal implants facilitate multiple implant placements and load right after multiple extractions.

Chinthamani Dental Clinic uses some of the most modern dental approaches to minimize patient discomfort and at the same time focus on quality services.

Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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