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Basal Implants for Severe Periodontal Conditions

PERIODONTAL DISEASE is one of the common reason for bone resorption of maxilla and mandible. Delaying treatment will lead to continued bone loss around the teeth.

In olden days,this kind of  Periodontal disease jaws are not suitable for dental implants..and risk of failure is more.  In that case dentists suggest bone grafting procedures , which is a more complicated surgical procedure.

Now with the advancements of dental Implantology, Periodontal conditions are succesfully treated with BASAL IMPLANTS without any bone grafting procedures.

Periodontal disease is never a contra-indication for Basal Implants… When the teeth are removed , the infection is removed completely and the implants are placed . Basal implants are smooth surface implants and hence the risk of PER-IMPLANTITIS is not there…

Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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