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Basal Implants for Atrophic Bone Maxilla and Mandible

The mandible and maxilla may become ATROPHIC (the meaning of the word atrophic means SHRINKAGE OF BONE IN QUANTITY AND QUALITY)

Loss of jaw bone volume happens due to the following reasons :

1.Untreated periodontal disease

2.Not replacing the teeth immediately after tooth loss

3.Trauma to jaw and alveolar bone and teeth

4.Long term use of removable dentures

5.Wearing removable dentures overnight

6.General nutitional and vitamin deficiency

7.General osteoporosis affecting the jaws

Even patients with ATROPHIC JAWS can be rehabilitated with BASAL IMPLANTS WITHOUT BONE GRAFTS.

This is a boon to millions of patients around the world and this technique of FULL JAW REHABILITATION WITH BASAL IMPLANTS helps to GET FIXED TEETH IN 3 DAYS without bone grafting surgical procedures.

Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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