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What are Dental Implants?

Technological innovations and scientific approach to dental treatments have changed the face of dentistry over the past 20 years. Efficient, painless, and quick treatments have replaced long-winding painful, waiting that would so frustrate the average individual that they would seldom venture to even take a dental treatment. And yet there were some who have endured undergoing aesthetic changes only to feel better. Dental implants are one such technological discovery that not only uses the latest prostheses and metal elements but uses painless placement procedures.

What are Dental Implants?

A replacement of the root of the tooth is a dental implant. These implants are secured into the jaw bone for stability and when surgically placed are not visible. The crowns, bridges, or dentures are secured on top of these implants. Implants are made of titanium that is strong, light in weight, and biocompatible and is not rejected by the body. Titanium is very popular and used both in dental as well as other bone implants. Dental implants are by far the most successful implant treatments ever.

titanium dental implants


Why Titanium?

One of the biggest usages of titanium remains its biocompatibility and modified bioactive surface. Its high-energy surface induces osseointegration and has the ability to bind live tissues. Physical bondage with the bone gives titanium an advantage over other metals and besides lasts longer. Titanium’s microstructure enables angiogenesis which is extremely crucial for bone integration.

Benefits of Dental implants

  • Dental implants provide healthy and natural-looking teeth. Lost tooth when restored feels and functions just like a natural tooth. While other options might interfere in eating and speech dental implants allow everyday activity similar to original teeth.
  • Long-lasting: Dental implants are long term solutions due to their durability. While other bridges may last for a shorter period of time, dental implants are known to last for more than 20 years.
  • Retention of smile and shape of the face: Lost teeth can make the face sag due to lack of support and facial appearance is distorted and has a sad look. With dental implants, the shape of the face is maintained along with the smile.
  • Protecting healthy bone: Empty spaces in the teeth can lead to the weakening of the jaw bone losing strength and firmness. Dental implants are the only restorative procedures of its kind that stimulate bone growth and attempts to preserve natural bone.

Chinthamani Dental Clinic

Expert dental surgeons at Chinthamani Dental Clinic use state-of-the-art equipment along with modern restorative methodologies. Titanium fixtures replace the natural tooth root which tighten and bond with the bone. Custom-designed permanent teeth are then fabricated based on the osseointegration. Surgery is safe, painless, and involves minimal downtime. Patients of all ages are welcome to the Clinic. For more Testimonial Videos click here

Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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