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Crown Lengthening

A procedure that intends to make a tooth or an implant appear longer is called crown lengthening.


1. Surgical crown lengthening

2. Laser crown lengthening

Surgical crown lengthening – scalpel/blade is used to cut the gum margin to the desired level. Its disadvantages –

1. Bleeding

2. Delayed healing

3. More postoperative pain

Laser crown lengthening – here a laser fiber is used to remove the desired level of gum tissue around the teeth. Its advantages –

1. No bleeding

2. Faster healing

3. Less or no postoperative pain

            BEFORE                                                  AFTER

laser crown lengthening                    laser gum treatment in chennai

Procedure :

Step 1: Painless computerized local anesthesia(STA) is given

Step 2: Using a fiber optic laser tip gum tissue surrounding the concerned tooth or implant is removed to the desired level in order to prepare the tooth for restoration.

laser smile designing laser crown lengthening laser smile designing

Postoperative care :

Usually, this procedure will not require any medications. But for safety purposes, we will prescribe you, pain killers, if needed you can have pain killers.

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Authored by Dr. C. Murugavel, M.D.S

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