Conventional Implants vs Basal Implants

 Conventional Implants  Basal Implants
 1 Two piece implants  Single piece implants
 2  Placed in alveolar bone  Engaged the basal bone
 3  Quality of Alveolar bone is compromised  Basal bone—-Good quality
 4  After extraction 3-6 months waiting period need  Immediate loading
 5  High risk of infection, periimplantitis. Strict oral hygiene maintainence  smooth surface implant and shank is narrow so risk of periimplantitis is very minimal.  Normal oral hygiene maintainence enough
 6  Surgical procedure  Flapless, closed technique.(key hole technique)
 7  Prolonged Healing time-clinically significant  Healing time is minimal comparatively
 8  Expensive  Less expensive
 9 Invasive procedure—Patient tiredness  High patient
 10 Not possible in diabetic situation  successful in diabetic patients
 11  High risk of failure in smokers  Even in Smokers -100% success rate
 12  Two piece crestal implants often require delayed loading & two surgical phases at times  Immediate loading