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Dr. C. Murugavel



(Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon)


M.D.S.(Oral Maxillo Facial Surgeon)

Founder of Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic &  Implant Center
Laser Specialist And Advanced Basal Implantologist.

Dr. C. Murugavel , Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and an Advanced Basal Implantologist & Laser Specialist based in Chennai, India. He is also the founder of Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic and Implant Centre a leading dental facility providing both adult and paediatric dental treatments and cosmetic rehabilitations. Having born in the quaint town of Tindivanam, Villupuram District in the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, Dr. Murugavel showed a keen interest in medicine at a very young age. Even as a youngster, he set lofty goals and expectations for himself and his career. Early in life itself, he had decided to choose medicine as his field of study and finally dentistry as his speciality. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from the prestigious and prominent Balaji Dental College which is a pride in the field of medical studies. The institute provides some of the best basic and advanced dental training to its students. Dr. Murugavel having graduated from here proceeded to obtain state rankings and very obviously opted to pursue higher education. The Tamil Nadu Government College offers expedient courses on dental medicine including oral and maxillofacial surgery. With the myriad seminars, activities, and research programs, Dr. Murugavel went on to acquire his Masters in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from the College. He also gathered a lot of knowledge and information about patient care and treatment procedures for the rural population which he quietly practices till today as part of his social responsibilities.


A a hard-working individual professionally, Dr. Murugavel, held two profiles even during his early career. During the day he worked as a senior lecturer in SRM Dental College and in the evening started his own dental clinic. It is through sheer hard-work and dedication that Dr. Murugavel procured substantial patient flow into his practice that he had to float a full-time clinic to meet the demands of the patients that came to him for treatment.

Dr. Murugavel’s mother has always been his primary inspiration and holds her in great esteem. It is only with her blessings that he started the distinguished Chinthamani Dental Clinic in 2006. Thereafter he started two more implant centres in Chennai, India, and his constant, ceaseless efforts have given the clinics a unique identity of providing precision treatments and comprehensive, successful healing programs.

In constant pursuit of knowledge, the doctor had a fascination towards Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Implants. The doctor embarked on mastering the field of Implantology and attended many conferences and training programs. He sought extensive training in Immediate loading Basal Implants. Till date, he has successfully placed more than 4000 implants in his career spanning over a decade. By 2015, his prowess knew no bounds and he was invited to attend a workshop on Edentulous Implant Prosthetics. Continuing his tryst with learning, Dr. Murugavel secured exclusive training in All-On-4 Implants from Dr. Paulo Malo based in Portugal. Dr. Paulo Malo is known for his perfection to dental aesthetics and graciously passed on this knowledge to Dr. Murugavel. In addition, he also attended the workshop on Full Arch Rehabilitation for the All-On-4 Technique. Dr. Murugavel also extensively trained on an advanced and comprehensive management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial pain from the famous Dr. Jeffrey Okeson in the University of Kentucky, Lexington.
Dr.Murugavel underwent intensive training for Tscan , JVA ( Joint Vibration Analysis ) for the management of TEMPORO MANDIBULA DISORDERS and possesses the certifications from the Biometrics Diagnostics in Dentistry – Mastership Class and Certification and a Life Membership from the Indian Society of Oral Implantologists.
He is a member of EAO – European Association of Osseointegration .

Awards and Recognition

NDTV along with Prime Time Research Media is brand management, research and business Consultancy Company that holds excellence award programs to reward achievers, who have gained a reputation in their expertise and to exemplary innovators across several fields including the field of dentistry. In recognition, Dr. Murugavel was awarded the Most Promising Dental Implantologist in South India – a Business & Service Excellence Award by NDTV Profit in 2012. Brand’s Academy, Asia’s leading brand management and consulting company, which gives away excellence award certificates to, among others, Healthcare Service Providers who constantly strive for excellence and deliver quality services to their patients. A comprehensive and extensive research survey showed that Dr. Murugavel was absolutely befitting for the role and he received the Healthcare Excellence Award for the Most Promising Dental Implantologist in Tamil Nadu in 2014. In continuation to the string of recognitions he had already been awarded, Dr. Murugavel was yet again awarded the National Dental Excellence Award in 2014 for the Best Cosmetic Dentist in South India. The Global Quality Awards are the ultimate attribute of some of the best service providers and their contribution to their field of specialization. The Award for Quality Dental Implant Surgeries was handed to Dr. Murugavel by the Global Quality Awards in 2015. The illustrious doctor also possesses the certifications from the Biometrics Diagnostics in Dentistry – Mastership Class and Certification and a Life Membership from the Indian Society of Oral Implantologists.

Both – Best Laser Dental Clinic and Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic are ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities providing world class treatments to its patients under the guidance of Dr. Murugavel.

Academia of Continuing Dental Education

Imparting education and knowledge are some of the noblest deeds that can ever be performed by any person. Dr. Murugavel is a highly enlightened individual who considers it an honour to coach and tutor budding dentists with a strong motive to create awareness about what he has acquired to perfection. He has till date, trained many dental professionals across continents on Immediate Loading Basal Implants and most of them have even started their own clinics on the basis of the training and guidance provided by Dr. Murugavel. With a goal to recreate lives and restore confidence, he strives to provide smiles on the faces young and old alike. There is always a continuous beeline of senior citizens at the clinic waiting expectantly for a full set of fixed teeth to facilitate comfortable chewing. He handles patients with compassion and listens to them keenly to address their every query and diligently works towards their oral comfort.

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