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Fractured teeth replacement with dental implant sin Chennai, India

Date :28/04/2020

A young male patient aged 26 years from Mumbai visited our clinic with a complaint of broken root canal treated teeth. On questioning about the past dental history, we came to know that the tooth was root canal treated 12 years back in a private clinic in Mumbai and tooth supported zirconium crown were given.

Now the tooth structure has fractured with the zirconium crown and he was having mild pain in that tooth. Patient wants a fixed permanent solution and to regain his smile back. Also patient told that he is leaving to mumbai the very next day and wants to finish his treatment in a couple of days at affordable cost.

Clinical examination
              The tooth was painful on tapping and the surrounding gums were also painful on palpation around the broken root fragments



Radiographic examination  

           OPG and CBCT taken revealed pus formation around the root tips of the infected tooth. We explained the patient that root canal treated tooth was reinfected with pus formation and this was the reason for his pain



Treatment plan discussion
       After complete examination, treatment plan was discussed with the patient to extract his broken root canal treated teeth followed by replacemnt with basal dental implants under local anesthesia(painless anesthsia) in a day


Implant placement procedure 

          After getting written consent from the patient, under local anesthesia(STA- computerised painless injection) the tooth was extracted, after extraction gentle cleaning of the extraction socket was done to remove the pus  followed by cleaning again. Finally one dental implant was placed and suturing was done to approximate the gums.


3D digital scanning 

   Digital scanning using imedit500 intra oral scanner (digital impression) was taken and the prosthesis(cad cam crowns) was delivered on the same day.



Final outcome 

    After taking the digital impression, teeth(PMMA crown) of perfect shade and contour was delivered on the same day.


 Patient was happy with the final outcome, and we informed the patient to report us after 4 to 6 months to change his provisional crowns to permanent zirconium crowns when he return backs to chennai



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