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Now sleep when your dentist works on your tooth!

Date :8/02/2020

Are you too scared about the dental procedures you have to go through? Fear not anymore. Sleep dentistry, the new trend in dentistry is making a big move to help you seek out the best solution for the same. Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry is the practice of using medications to help the patients relax or even goto a mild sleep(when they are provided with general dental anesthesia) during dental procedures. This can help out a lot of people who have their particular phobia towards dental procedures and instruments. Chinthamani Laser Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, the best in sleep dentistry in Chennai helps you with the best experience of fearless and relaxed dental procedures, making your dentist’s chair more comfortable than ever.


Sedation can be imparted to the patient using different methods.

a)Nitrous oxide
Used as a mild sedative. The patient can get out of the sedation very quickly when nitrous oxide is used.
b)Sedative -Pills
Drugs like diazepam are used as the sedative pills or the oral sedation. These can induce a sedation which is heavier than that by nitrous oxide. When the oral drugs are used, you tend to have a sleepy head until it wears offs and it takes more time than the nitrous oxide.
c) General anaesthesia
These can be provided through the intra-Venous Injections and they tend to put you in complete sleep until it wears offs.

  • Extremely sensitive nerves
  • Phobia for dental procedures
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Low pain threshold
  • Patients who cannot be given general anaesthesia
  • A mouth that becomes sore during procedures
  • Bad gag reflex

Not everyone can get through their dental treatments using sleep dentistry. At Chinthamani Dental Care, we have the eminent array of doctors who can help you get through pain free dental treatments in India. Before you decide to undertake sleep dentistry, reach out to our doctors and they can give you the best advice and consultancy on your candidateship for sedation dentistry after examining your whole medical history.
Chinthamani dental procedures, being the best dentist in India offers you the best chance to regain your old smile to come back to your life with more excitement than ever

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