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1. What is dental implant ?

DENTAL IMPLANT replaces the root portion of a missing natural teeth. It is made of titanium because it is biocompatable to human body ( similar to hip replacement and knee replacement done by titanium).

2. What is a basal implant ?

Basal implants are placed in the basal bone. Basal bone is the highly mineralised bone that never resorbs. Implants placed in the basal bone has high successful rates.

3. What is an immediate loading basal Implant ?

Implants placed immediately after extracting a natural tooth is called immediate loading implant. These implants are placed by engaging the basal bone and so they are called Immediate loading Basal Implants.

4. Am I a candidate for dental implants ?

Yes, you are the right candidate for dental implants if you need the following :


  • Beautiful smile
  • Good chewing efficiency
  • Speech
  • Confidence

5. Are dental implants safe ?

Basal implants are implants with advanced technology and are very safe for diabetic patients, cardiac patients and smokers. People who have successfully completed their cancer therapy can also undergo implant treatment after getting an opinion and approval by their oncologist.


6. Are there any chances of infection after the implant treatment ?

Basal implants are smooth surface implants and there are no possibilities of plaque formation around the implants. Hence the basal implants have high success rates and there are no chances of infection.

7. Is dental implant a painfull treatment ?

Implants are placed under local anesthesia. No pain is felt during the procedure. If patients prefer, medications are prescribed after the treatment for management of post-operative discomfort.


8. How long does it take to get my teeth after implant treatment ?

Single missing tooth is replaced with dental implant and tooth fixed on the same day or the very next day.

Multiple missing teeth are replaced by dental implants and teeth fixed within 2 days.

Full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and you get your full set of 24 to 28 teeth within 3 days.

9. Do I need sinus lifting or bone grafting for dental implant treatment ?

The main advantage of basal implants is the abundant sizes available. Basal implants are available starting from very minimal length and diameter. Based on the available bone, the size of the implant will be selected. Implants can be placed without any sinus lifting or bone grafting procedures.


10. Will there be much bleeding during the procedure ?

Basal implants are placed by a key hole technique. Its a non – surgical procedure and there wont be much bleeding. Bleeding that takes place during the procedure will be very minimal and normal.

11. What are the advantages of dental implants ?

Esthetic : They feel and look like natural teeth. You get your precious smile back with dental implants

Saving natural teeth :  Dental implants are placed by not taking support from adjacent natural teeth. The adjacent healthy teeth are not grinded or affected while placing the implant. In this way , dental implants are more safe and save the existing natural teeth .

Reliable : Dental implants have got high success rates and is most reliable

Comfort : Dental

12. How to I take care of dental implants ?

Dental implants are taken care in the same way we take care of our natural teeth. Regular brushing , flossing is sufficient to maintain dental implants and additional cleaning aids such as water pick are sufficient to take.

13. Is use of laser in dentistry safe?

Even though laser is comparatively a newer technology in dentistry, it has proved to be a successful method. They do not affect the surrounding tissues of the treatment area and do not have other side effects such as infection, bleeding etc.

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14. How can I get rid of tooth discolouration problem?

The best option for you to have brighter and shining teeth is teeth whitening and bleaching.

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